What is SEO and its role in online marketing strategy?

What is SEO and its role in Online Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique to optimize website and rank well in search engine result pages for targeted keywords. Keywords are those search phrases, people enter into search box to find services or products you provide. This is pretty direct process of online marketing in which we try to rank in search listings, when someone need it. Know more about how to get better ranking in search engine result pages.

What are basic requirements for building dynamic website?

Build Dynamic Website

Dynamic websites are called so because, in this method html web pages are built dynamically by pulling data from database and file system with the help of server side scripting language like php, java, dotnet, asp etc. Where as static website is consist of pre written html with no database connection and making any change is only possible by editing that html file.

You will need Hosting - Database - Server Scripting Language - Web Developer for building a custom dynamic website.