What is SEO and its role in online marketing strategy?

What is SEO and its role in Online Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique to optimize website and rank well in search engine result pages for targeted keywords. Keywords are those search phrases, people enter into search box to find services or products you provide. This is pretty direct process of online marketing in which we try to rank in search listings, when someone need it.

Client or customer see visit your site and try to judge it if its trustable and proposing a good deal. If you are providing a good service or product at affordable price for your targeted people, you just need to make a decent web presence and rest will be done by seo. We are seo company in Bangalore has made successful online marketing business with proper seo techniques.

SEO Strategy for Startups

Startups have the best opportunity to get most out of search engine optimization. A well planeed seo strategy will boost your SERP proformance and give you filtered visitors already searching for your service or product.

Here is a 10 minuts introduction of seo for startups by Google Webmaster.

  1. Identify your Strength : Your business have something to offer, it could be your service or product. Scan it all and find key services or products that defines your business and distinguish it for the rest.
  2. Keep it Simple : Simplicity is the best ornament, point is to could your deliver your thoughts and gain trust of your visitors. Don't go for something too big or confusing that you can't execute well. Simple website design built of good graphic designing and content will definitely grab visitor attention.

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