What are basic requirements for building dynamic website?

Build Dynamic Website

Dynamic websites are called so because, in this method html web pages are built dynamically by pulling data from database and file system with the help of server side scripting language like php, java, dotnet, asp etc. Where as static website is consist of pre written html with no database connection and making any change is only possible by editing that html file.

In general we can't say which method would be appropriate for a given project. Both static and dynamic web designing have their advantages and dis-advantages.

When to choose static web designing?

Gradually trend of static websites are decreasing, as a simple text change also involves web designer or developer involvement. You can choose it for simple one page website or websites mainly focused on design rather than functionality and seo.

When to choose dynamic web designing?

In dynamic web design anything is possible and you can achieve, what can be done by static method plus you get enormous opportunity to build web systems that can change as you business demands. Now a days there are various dynamic web building platform, which gives a strong foundation and development roadways to build it right. If you are planning to do anything beside simple good looking web pages, such as publishing you content or making changes to existing content without technical knowledge its best to go for dynamic web.

Basic components of dynamic websites

  • Web Server - Get it from web hosting company
  • Database - Along with hosting plan
  • CMS - Like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Web Server

A web server is computing system designed for exchanging information from server to browser or other client making http (the basic network protocol used to distribute information on the World Wide Web) request. Web server is consist of hardware computer, an operating system and various supporting applications to process network protocal requests. Most commonly Apache is used are server application system on top of Linux or windows server operating system.


Database are information house for any dynamic website, it is used to store data in different tables and extract it dynamically on demand. Database is designed to keep all relevant information and website content in different tables and with the help of database query language we can read, insert, or edit data very easily and efficiently. Most commonly MySql is used as database system as its free and widely tested and accepted. Even your favourite social network Facebook uses MySql to store and display data from all over the world.

CMS Content Management System

CMS Content Management System is set of software written in server side scripting language like php, dotnet, asp, java etc. Its primary task is to make connection between web server, database, and client's browser and make dynamic html pages on given request by pulling data from database and file system.

With any standard hosting plan you get all these three components to build you awesome dynamic website.

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